2023 Calendar

Holiday Schedule & Special Events

Saturday, April 8
April 17-22
Friday, April 21
Saturday, April 22
Saturday, May 20
Friday, May 27- Monday, May 29
Tuesday, July 4
Monday, September 4
October (confirming dates)
Saturday, October 28
Monday, November 20-25
Thursday, December 14
December 23-January 3

Closed for spring break
Ice cream party buddy week
Free Samba & Capoeira Open House
Free Adult Capoeira Workshop + Street Roda
Spring Belt Ceremony Week
Kids & Adults Belt Ceremony
Memorial Day Weekend Academy Closed
Academy closed
Academy closed
Fall Belt Ceremony
Capoeira Halloween Party
Fall Break
Kids & Adults Holiday Party
Winter Break

  • Holiday schedule: We are closed on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, and Winter break. We are open for most other holidays. Our staff will keep you informed of any changes to the school calendar throughout the year through class announcements, monthly newsletter, website and social media. Please call us if you ever have a question regarding whether or not we will be open.
  • Other Fun Events and Getting Involved: Parents night out, summer camps, birthday parties, PTA fundraiser, annual holiday party, halloween party, buddy days, demonstrations, belt ceremony, non-profit community events.
  • Vacations or absences: If you will be missing class for vacation or illness for a period of more than one week, please notify us! Any time you miss can be made up upon your return. If you are going on vacation, you can put some time in before you go.
  • Capoeira Belt Ceremony: Our Spring and Fall graduation ceremony showcases a variety of cultural performances. Teachers and students from different capoeira schools around the world are invited to participate as a community. The students have a chance to demonstrate what they have learned over the past year and advance to their next belt level.