Why Team Maculele?

Family Oriented:
We are a big community where many families train together. It’s not uncommon to see a mother and daughter or father and son training together while creating a strong family bond.

Proven Track Record
We are Atlanta’s only established Capoeira Academy with 18 years running classes in Atlanta and surrounding cities and 6x Award Winner for TOP Capoeira Academy in Georgia

Passionate Team
Our Team has trained extensively in order to qualify as an assistant instructor or instructor. Our main goal is to motivate and inspire each and every member to be the best they can be through training, consistency, and perseverance.

Flexible Schedule
With classes 5 days per week at various times in the day, you are sure to find a routine that works for you. Still not fitting your schedule? Ask about our private sessions and we will meet you for a class as early as 6am!

Unparalleled Energy
The first time you experience a Roda you will be hooked. The energy of Capoeira is like no other, but at MACULELE, that energy goes even further when you are surrounded by the amazing people you will meet.