5 Reasons to Sign Your Son or Daughter up for Capoeira!

Capoeira, like any martial art, can help transform any man, woman, or child to become something they never thought they could be. Behind all the kicking, singing and doing acrobatics hides a deeper meaning. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the martial arts for your child (or even yourself!).

1 It builds their self-esteem and self-efficacy: the martial art club you join should be a positive environment. It should encourage growth and building healthy relationships with everyone in class. Their should be a certain level of discipline but nobody should ever feel worthless.

2 But it also teaches humility: it’s a hard truth to face but in the martial arts there will always be someone bigger and stronger than you, but that’s ok! We want to encourage the growth of confidence in every child but learning to be humble is just as important.

Encourages physical activity: it’s getting harder and harder these days to pry our children away from their television shows, video games, and other hand held devices. Enrolling your child in a proper martial arts school should educate and encourage physical activity insides and outside of class. Giving out homework or having a set of requirements for their next level will help promote more activity at home.

4 Promotes proprioceptive development (i.e. speed, agility, balance, etc…): these skills may vary depending on the age of your child. For the smaller kids it’s about developing these skills; teaching them how to balance on one leg, showing them the difference between their lefts from their rights, and more. But as we get older these skills slowly diminish if we do not keep them in practice. So for the older kids it’s about keeping this up so it doesn’t disappear in adulthood.

5 It will help develop the ability to focus: after learning how to breathe the martial arts will help develop your child’s ability to focus on the task at hand. Breaking things down and building them back up as well as focusing on a large target or even just a tiny one.

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