Beginner’s Classes

Capoeira Intro Course:

These are ongoing classes where anyone can join, no previous experience necessary. It covers all aspects of Capoeira; martial-arts, dance, music, acrobatics, culture, language and more. It focuses on developing the students rhythm, reflexes, balance, co-ordination and increasing strength and flexibility as they learn. All the necessary skills are taught in class.

We recommend this class for anyone wanting to start in the art of Capoeira. Class prepares each student at their own pace to join into our beginner Capoeira lessons in which they will start getting a better understanding for the art. Its the best way to start learning Capoeira since you will be in a class with all new beginners starting Capoeira for the very first time just like YOU! You will work on basic steps of Capoeira; Ginga, Esquivas, Attack / Defence / Counter-attacks, dance elements, musical skills, and basic acrobatics. Should you wish to go further than just basics, you should then join our Beginner class to start progressing through the different levels of Capoeira. This class is also great for those looking for something outside of their gym routine. Capoeira is a great form of fitness and exercise that works not only your whole body, but also your mind

Stress Reduction: A regular capoeira practice does wonders for relaxing the mind and body. Any capoeirista can attest to the dramatic shift in attitude before and after class.

Strength: Capoeiristas are always moving around on their hands in handstands, poses, etc. This makes a marked improvement on upper body strength.

Cardio and Stamina: Many times athletes from various sports are surprised when they feel winded from a capoeira workout. This is because capoeira uses muscle groups and cardio fitness in unique ways. This, combined with repetition of movements and techniques, makes capoeira a valuable cardio exercise!

Meet new people: When you join a capoeira group, you become part of a family. You will definitely make new friends along the way. You will meet people from your own city and all over the world through capoeira events and practice.

Learn a new language: There’s s no doubt that you will come to understand and perhaps speak a bit of Brazilian Portuguese!

Join a Community: Once you become a capoeirista (practitioner of capoeira), you form an instant bond with thousands of people across the globe who share your passion. At the same time, you will gain the ability to do things that most of the general public could never dream of. And in doing so, you will discover a true sense of uniqueness.

As an adult, making new friends outside of work can be difficult. Taking a class is one way to connect with people who share a common interest. Our capoeira school is a cooperative community – one where teamwork and support is encouraged. A friendship that starts inside the studio may end up extending to the outside world.


The Capoeira Programs we offer at Capoeira Decatur will amaze you! We provide award winning and time tested curriculum and class structure for adults all ages, experience and fitness levels. We pride ourselves in our dedication to teach each and every student how to develop a high level of capoeira expertise, all in a great location with top notch, world class instruction.

✔️Over 45 years of capoeira knowledge
✔️Stress Relief Workouts
✔️16x Award Winning
✔️Unique teaching method
✔️World champion instructors
✔️Welcoming and Challenging Environment
✔️All staff including administrative and instructional, undergo annual background checks, CPR & first aid certifications.
✔️Flexible class times
✔️Personal attention to every student
✔️Positive learning environment
✔️Lots and lots of experience!

Our main instructor, Mestre Fran has 40+ years of Capoeira experience teaching Capoeira! We are Atlanta’s only established Capoeira Academy with 20 years running classes in Atlanta and surrounding cities and 8x Award Winner Capoeira Academy in the city.