We bring the best of Brazilian entertainment to your events. From corporate to private functions, our drummers, dancers and Capoeira acrobats will bring your audience to the edge of their seats!

Since 1989, Capoeira Maculelê has brought its dynamic cultural arts programs into a variety of communities through off-site education programs. Capoeira Maculelê performances, residency classes, and workshops serve thousands each year. Our team of high-level instructors and performers offer a range of programs and can often adapt programs to meet your site’s needs.

Our group has performed for many small private functions and large corporate event and accumulated various prestigious awards: Decatur’s Best Martial Arts School, Decatur Welcoming Business Award, Georgia’s Best Martial Arts School to name a few!

Corporate Events:
The perfect mix of professionalism and entertainment can be hard to achieve. That is why we offer customizable performances and unparalleled professionalism in our field. No matter your audience, our Brazilian theme is sure to spice things up and break the ice with your guests, ensuring a successful and memorable event that will resonate with your guests for a lifetime!

As Atlanta’s nightlife explodes with new clubs, entertaining and exceeding their patrons expectations becomes more and more challenging each day for nightclub owners. Our nightclub packages offer a unique experience for your clientele, adding to their overall experience and enjoyment of your venue.

Atlanta is a great city for festivals all year long! With so much going on, you want to make sure your event stands out. With our unique performances, you can be sure that your event bring the best Atlanta has to offer!

We’ve been bringing all this excitement to the big screen for over twenty years, with highly qualified professionals specializing in Capoeira, Samba (Dancers and Drummers) and Maculele (Machete warrior Dance).

We know how special, yet hectic your wedding can be. Our wedding packages summarize your big day with an exciting and fun performance that all your guests will love and cherish forever!

Kids love what we do… and schools have been using that as leverage to keep their students engaged and excited about learning. Making school a fun experience for children is essential to their learning and growth, and we do just that! Our performances are interactive, educational and most importantly, FUN! 

Birthday parties:
If you’re looking for a unique kids birthday party idea, you need look no further. We hold birthday parties at our capoeira school in Decatur or at your home! Kids of all ages from 4-year-olds to teenagers love them.

Workshops are designed to give students a taste of capoeira and/or maculelê, providing an opportunity to explore and inspire future interest. Participants practice basic movements, learn a song in Portuguese, are introduced to the instruments, and hear stories about capoeira’s history.

Our Partners:

No performance is too big or too small! Whether you are planning a large corporate event, or a small private gathering, we will work with you to customize a performance that meets and exceeds your vision. Our team is a phone call away!