Maculele-Capoeira Brazilian Festival

Maculele-Capoeira Brazilian Festival

Maculele-Capoeira Atlanta is committed to engaging with our local community. Every year our local Georgia non-profit World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation host or participate in a variety of initiatives to support our city, neighborhoods, and local schools.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of Capoeira! We touched thousands of youth and adults through this 501(c)(3) nonprofit program. Each year World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation bring special guest artists to Atlanta. These free workshops celebrate additional cultures through different capoeira styles, art presentations, dance and other unique programs.

Guest of Honor: Professor Dandley | Londrina, Brasil

On Behalf of World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation, we are honored to invite Dandley Vizibelli from Londrina, Parana Brazil as a special guest at the event scheduled from Monday, February 12 until Saturday, February 16, 2024! This event will take place at our non-profit headquarters in Downtown Decatur and other public locations in Atlanta, Georgia.

Event Description:

Get the best Capoeira has to offer—connection to culture and master artists, dynamic programming, high-quality instruction, and up-to-date Capoeira technique—all in a welcoming and supportive environment. Join Professor Dandley on Thursday, February 15 at 7:30pm with a special music series that explores the rhythms, instruments, and songs of Capoeira. This class is for intermediate and advancedstudents and will improve skills on the berimbau, atabaque, and pandeiro. The Brazilian Arts Festival will end with a special free capoeira show and live music at Buteco Atlanta!

Maculele-Capoeira Atlanta Winter Event Schedule:

All these events are free and open to our community!

Monday, February 12
7:15pm Intro to Capoeira with Professor Dandley
Location: Core dance

Tuesday, February 13
7:30pm Advanced Capoeira with Professor Dandley and RODA
Location: Core dance (upstairs)

Wednesday, February 14
7:15pm Intro to Maculelê Dance
Location: Core dance

Thursday, February 15
5:15pm Kids Capoeira
6pm Leadership Capoeira
7:30pm Capoeira + Music, and Instruments Workshop
Location: Core dance

Friday, February 16
5:15pm Tiny Tigers Capoeira
6pm Junior Leadership Capoeira
7:30pm Open Roda

Saturday, February 17
2pm Intro to Kids Capoeira in Alpharetta
3pm Intro to Adults Capoeira in Alpharetta
10pm Capoeira Performance at Buteco Atlanta

All free parking is on the street. More available parking closer to the academy is at Decatur Library which is also free after 5pm!

We would like to thank all our local sponsors for helping us to realize this event!