Welcome to Capoeira Maculelê Decatur Brazilian Art Center

Bem Vindo! Capoeira para toda a família!

Capoeira for preschoolers ages 2 - 4

Acrobatics are combined with Martial Arts, Music and a Healthy amount of fun!

Capo-Kids program ages 5 - 15

It\'s fun, energetic, and engaging and was designed specially for your child

A special program only for the very beginners

If you\'ve ever wanted to start capoeira, this is the place to do it!

Mestre Fran, Dandhara and Mestranda Sara

teach all our programs. Oriented to build strong family relationships!

All classes are lead by Mestre Fran

over 30 years of experience teaching capoeira for kids and adults

  • We are a family of Capoeiristas

    From the moment you enter our school, you feel and sense the utmost positive energy and family oriented atmosphere. Our professional and courteous instructors will do everything to provide the most fun and exciting ways to learn capoeira!

  • A Great Experience

    We offer beginner friendly and advanced capoeira classes for ages 3-5, 6-13, and 14+. Our classes consists of Martial Arts, Music, Acrobatics, Dance, Fitness, Portuguese and so much more! All classes are taught by Mestre Fran and Mestra Sara over 35 years of experience teaching capoeira for KIDS and ADULTS!

  • Join the TEAM!

    When you join a capoeira group, you become part of a family. You will definitely make new friends along the way. You will meet people from your own city and all over the world through capoeira events and practice.