Kids Capoeira

#1 Kids Martial Arts Classes In Decatur

Through our Kids Martial Arts program, we’ll help your child develop confidence, discipline, and a powerful sense of self! Through Capoeira, we want to help kids get started on a path to lifelong success. Enroll your child and discover a Kids Capoeira program that will help students achieve success at the academy, at home, and in school.

What Makes Our Kids Capoeira Program Unique?

Capoeira Maculele Academy was founded to help kids to thrive. By cultivating a family atmosphere where kids as young as three years old can begin learning the specialized art of Capoeira, we hope to instill confidencediscipline, and teamwork skills in each and every student. Our Kids Capoeira classes are designed to help students overcome obstacles and be goal-oriented in every aspect of life. They discover that the skills they gain and the lessons they learn through their martial arts training will help them do more than become bullyproof — they’ll glean insights that will help them launch successful careers, form better relationships, and manage their emotions in healthier ways.

Our team at Capoeira Decatur Academy is here to help your child achieve incredible things. By providing a structured and supportive environment, introducing them to lifelong fitness, and showing every student their unlimited potential, our Kids Capoeira classes are built to promote success in students across Decatur and Atlanta area.

-We offer a flexible class schedule
-Located in the heart of Downtown Decatur
-Over 45 years of experience teaching Kids & Adults
-Certifications: Background checks, CPR & First Aid Certifications

As part of an international Capoeira Team, our academies provide the highest quality, training and service to thousands of members each year. For over 40 years, our family has been committed to delivering programs to its participants that truly make a difference in their daily lives!

Our expert instructors guide your child to excellence

At Capoeira Decatur you’ll find a staff of certified, professional instructors that are trained in modern teaching techniques and martial arts skills – and they are much more than that.

Because our curriculum focuses on character development, your children will benefit from the discipline and learn the value of hard work, respect for others and self-respect. You will see your child transform into the exceptional person you always knew they could be – one class at a time – right before your eyes!

So Much More Than Kicks & Acrobatics. Changes Lives. Martial arts is not just self defense. It’s a tool we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of Decatur & Atlanta parents can’t believe the incredible transformation. Our main instructor, Mestre Fran has 40+ years of Capoeira experience teaching KIDS! We are Atlanta’s only established Capoeira Academy with 20 years running classes in Atlanta and surrounding cities and 10x Award Winner Capoeira Academy in the city.