Our 2023 Wrapped!

Our 2023 Wrapped!

2023 was a year of growth, new faces and endless reasons to celebrate. It was a year marked by big dreams and new adventures. Here’s a look at some of our very favorite moments and highlights from the year!

Free Spider-Man Community Events

Maculele-Capoeira Decatur was SUPER lucky to have Spider-Man teaching capoeira at our award winning kids program this year!

Only at Maculele-Capoeira you will find an incredible selection of ways to build confidence, self-esteem, strength, empowerment, motivation, flexibility, self-control and focus.

So many new students joined our awesome capoeira family!

One of our parents put it best:

“More than a school, Maculele-Capoeira is a community of students, instructors, and family. Through the kindness and support of this community, I’ve watched my son grow in confidence and thrive. Some of his best memories have been made attending classes and events at the school!”.

Decatur International Festival

We had a blast performing capoeira at Decatur International Festival. THANK YOU to all the families, special guests, and students who came out to support! This show was awesome!

We appreciate the City of Decatur, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

We welcomed some new faces to our team!

From faculty to our administrative staff, we’ve had some superstar additions to our team! With these bright additions, we’ve been able to hone in on our areas of expertise, which has meant being of greater service to our community

Maculele-Capoeira at Google

Thank you again Google for sharing capoeira, samba & our team Capoeira Maculelê Decatur with your offices around the world

Black History Month

Capoeira Maculelê Decatur, a local nonprofit and Afro-Brazilian Culture center in Downtown Decatur, hosted a free workshop and roda with Brazilian Capoeira Master Tito Santos in celebration of Black History Month on Friday, Feb. 24.

Spring Graduation

Spring Graduation is hands down our most anticipated, celebrated, and beloved moment of the whole season!

The weekend culminated with sold out shows in a beautiful 505-seat theater in downtown Decatur and a belt graduation that brought together Maculele-Atlanta, Maculele-Athens, Maculele-New Orleans and Maculele-NC students to celebrate their achievements.

This year, capoeiristas will be taking the stage on Saturday, May 4th at the Decatur Performing Arts Studio!


We were ready to expand and share our love for capoeira even farther and wider. It’s been a joy to get to know this new community and we look forward to deepening these connections in 2024

Maculele-Capoeira at ZOO ATLANTA!

Thank you Zoo Atlanta for inviting us every year and for sharing capoeira to your thousands of guests! Shoutout to all of our students (specially our tiny tigers) for demonstrating their confidence in performing capoeira in front of a big crowd!

THANK YOU to all our Mestres, Professores, Graduados and students for taking the time last Sunday to perform and inspire our community here in Atlanta! We are so very thankful for your presence, love, energy and support.

The Best Capoeira Program for adults!

Training never stops at Capoeira Maculelê. We’re out here putting in the work and doing what we love everyday.

All our adult capoeira classes were sold out in 2023! We are currently booked for our adult advanced capoeira! Don’t worry though, please fill out our waitlist, so you’ll be the first to know!

We’re expecting more class additions to come in 2024.

Added a New Leadership Program

Maybe you have heard about the award winning kids leadership program at Maculele-Capoeira, and you have questions how it can benefit YOUR child?

We added a program in 2023 with a specific goal to help children and teens develop PUBLIC SPEAKING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS such as:

Standing tall.
Speaking with clear voice.
Using eye contact.

We start students early with this training – as young as 6 years of age! From our 45 years of experience of working with children, we understand that the sooner the child starts speaking in front of a crowd the faster and easier they overcome stage fright.

Our Local Georgia Non-profit

We thank you for your support in creating the impact of World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation, in creating a safe place, a community where we get to see the best of humanity.


Offered 300 school classes around the world to underresourced children

Provided 5000 children with free capoeira experiences in Georgia.

Hosted free adult capoeira, music and samba events in Downtown Decatur.

Connected students with master-level cultural bearers and artists from across the globe.

Hosted a food pantry program throughout the year, our Atlanta volunteers provide meals for people in need in downtown Atlanta/Decatur, hygiene kits and we are also partners with local non-profits here in Georgia. 

18x Award Winning

We’ve done it again!

 We’re so proud and honored to have won the Best Martial Arts School of Georgia for 3 consecutive years!

It’s a tremendous honor and it only happens because of you. To all our students, parents, families and friends; thank you for all your support, love and trust!

Our family works hard to provide a safe and fun space for people to gather, build and cultivate a healthy community. When you walk thru our doors, you can feel our commitment to Arts Education, Diversity, Community, History, Movement, Health & Customer Service. 

Thank you all for making Capoeira Maculelê Decatur a great place to call home.

Maculele-Capoeira Around The World

As part of an international Capoeira Team, our academies provide the highest quality, training and service to thousands of members around the world each year. For over 45 years, Maculele-Capoeira has been committed to delivering programs to its participants that truly make a difference in their daily lives!

We provide award winning and time tested curriculum and class structure for adults and children of all ages, experience and levels. We pride ourselves in our dedication to teach each and every student how to develop a high level of capoeira expertise with top notch, world class instruction.