Professora Dandhara

Professora Dandhara

Dandhara, known in Capoeira as “Dani”, started training Capoeira in 2001 in Londrina, Brazil. She is one of the head kids teachers and administrators at Capoeira Maculele Decatur. Her passion and enthusiasm is motivational and inspiring for students of all levels, from children to adults. Dandhara is a Business Analyst and Portuguese Translator with 7+ years of experience.

Professora Dandhara traveled to many Capoeira events and holds the title of a 3x World Capoeira champion. In summer 2017 Dandhara received her “Corda Roxa” purple corda in the World Capoeira Games in Brazil. She now continues to train and teach in Downtown Decatur 6days/week to further her skills.

  • 2008 Best Female Capoeirista at the World Capoeira Event in Londrina
  • 2009 World Capoeira Champion (USA)
  • 2011 World Capoeira Champion (USA)
  • 2011 First Place at Emory Capoeira University mixed competition
  • 2013 Second Place on the “Copa Aberta” advanced competition in Miami, FL
  • 2014 “Ela é bonita e Ligeira” main article on the best capoeira magazine (Revista Capoeira)
  • 2015 World Capoeira Champion (BRAZIL)
  • 2016 First Place at  “O Menino e bom” Solo Tournament
  • 2017 3rd Place at the World Capoeira Open Games in Brazil

Professora Dandhara also works as a volunteer teaching capoeira in Decatur and around the world with our local Georgia non-profit – – World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation. 

We are a family of Capoeiristas! Father, Mother and Daughter. From the moment you enter our school, you will feel and sense the utmost positive energy and family oriented atmosphere. Our family will do everything possible to provide the most fun and exciting ways to learn Capoeira!