What Set Us Apart?

Maculele-Capoeira is one of the most trusted names in martial arts today. Our values, commitment to excellence and dedication to capoeira have set us apart as a leader in Georgia.

45 years of experience: Mestre Fran is a Grão Mestre in capoeira with over 45 years of experience teaching kids & adults. Mestra Sara is the first female Mestra in Georgia. She’s valued as an innovative choreographer; a sought-after teacher; a teacher and mentor for Maculelê North American artists; a role model for Brazilian, immigrant, women and girls and a bridge-builder in our community. With his team of mestres and quality instructors, Mestre Fran & Mestra Sara teaches focus, confidence, and respect through the art form of capoeira.

Mission Driven, Family owned Latinx business: We are truly a family-owned and operated business. You’ll usually find Mestre Fran, Mestra Sara and Dani in class teaching and training together. This helps to create a comfortable environment for adults and children, and we encourage families to come and train together. Not only is this more efficient with everyone’s busy schedules, but training together can be a fun and exciting activity to share together!

Safe Environment: Student safety is our instructors primary goal. Training sessions are supervised at all times, and we have CPR-trained personnel on duty during every class. We are more than just a school; We provide a safe and fun space for people to gather, build and cultivate a healthy community!

Family oriented: We are a family of Capoeiristas! Father, Mother and Daughter. From the moment you enter our school, you will feel and sense the utmost positive energy and family oriented atmosphere. Our family will do everything possible to provide the most fun and exciting ways to learn Capoeira!

All kids, teens and adult classes are taught by brown belts and up.

Background checks, CPR & First Aid Certifications

We are the only 17x award winning capoeira school in Georgia!

Program Variety: Our classes includes not only capoeira, but Afro-Brazilian dances, music, instruments, Portuguese, acrobatics and more!

Clean environment: we take student health and safety seriously. We have a comprehensive cleaning schedule for our facilities.

Train all over the world: with schools world-wide you will be able to train at Maculele-Capoeira Academy, no matter where you live, travel or work. With Capoeira Decatur membership you will be welcome at any Maculele-Capoeira school!

The best kids program! Our award winning teaching method was created by a team of psychologists, teachers, neurologist, physical education specialist, nutritionists along with our 45 years of capoeira experience.

Personal attention to every student!