Zen Advice for Parents

Our children do some pretty crazy things that we will never understand… 

I’m pretty sure it happens to you too. At least 5 times every day.

The ZEN buddhists have a surprising philosophy when it comes to things we don’t understand. And a famous guy called John Lennon sang something similar:

Let it be.

Oftentimes we are not supposed to understand everything that is happening around us. We just have to sit back and let it be. 

Not understanding everything is what makes it so fun, exciting and special.. 

So next time your junior is collecting backyard rocks because they want to sell them for real money, or they watch TV while “sitting” on the couch upside down with their head in place of their butt… 

Just breathe in and out slowly. Count to five, pause for a moment. Then just keep on going with your day… 

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