Free Kids Bully Proof Seminar

As parents we try to instill everything we can in our kids to prepare them for life, but often times this is a difficult topic of conversation for families to navigate, whether it be that the child doesn’t want to discuss, or it’s the adults finding the “right” words to say. As instructors of capoeira, we’ve spent years training in martial arts, and studying bullying to prepare our students, if they ever find themselves in a bullying situation. Here’s what martial arts can do for your child to help them deter and/or handle themselves in bullying situations…

Confidence – This one is KEY! During our bullying lessons we talk about body language & eye contact. It’s not only important to look confident if in a bully situation, but to feel confident. When a child knows they can physically defend themselves, they will feel more confident & handle themselves with confidence. The goal is to never have a physical altercation, but we want to encourage our students to be composed while still holding their ground.

Self Awareness – When we’re self-aware and are able to look deep within ourselves, we’re also better able to have understanding for others. Part of our anti-bullying curriculum we work on in our classes teaches our students that it’s been proven time and again that someone with bullying tendencies feels terrible about themselves, and they want others to feel terrible as well. Our students REALLY take that in and that knowledge is TRULY powerful! It takes away some of the power that the bully’s actions will have on a child. 

Role Playing – As we say to our students all the time, “if you don’t practice your movements, you will not be prepared for testing”…. SO, if you don’t practice what you would say or do in a bullying situation, whether it be defending yourself or someone else being bullied, you won’t be prepared! We often practice different techniques to verbally disarm the bully. 

Respect – In classes we work on respect, responsibility, focus, positive attitude, and more. Whether it’s answering up with a “yes ma’am” or “no sir”, or the oath we recite in class, respect is being taught in everything we do in classes. When a student has respect for the people they’re training with, they tend to be more open to listening to the lessons at hand, and are able to better receive criticism & work on their “flaws”. 

Physical Skills – Physical altercations are never the desired outcome of a bulling situation, however we want to prepare our students if they are ever being physically harmed. We always suggest to our students that they ask their parents what they want their “family bully plan” to be. For our family, we encourage using our words first, and to never lay our hands on someone, even if their behavior is unacceptable; however, if someone is being physically harmed, my child will have my full support to use their martial arts skills as a matter of defense. Each family is different, and its good to have a conversation to determine what you’re comfortable with, as well as your child. 

Community – Martial arts help students build meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime. Everyone is in the same uniform, with similar mindsets, and they’re working toward their own personal goals. This helps eliminate a lot of aspects of “competition” between students to be the “star” of the team. Martial arts encourages teamwork and leadership in a different way. Our students begin to support their classmates in their goals to reach their own greatness, and they take pride in watching their fellow classmates succeed. We often allow and encourage our students to cheer on their classmates, help them out if they’re struggling, and this creates a sense of belonging to a community, which is so important. 

There are so many values that martial arts teaches to their students that help combat bullying, and create future leaders!