Kick or Treat

Actually, you can have your kicks and your treats too! Here are some of the awesome things you’ll be treated to when you join class at Maculele Capoeira Decatur Academy

A Strong Community

Here at TM Martial Arts, we value a strong community. And we love being able to offer a positive peer group for all of our students! You will experience from day one.

Your First Visits

When your family enters the studio for the very first time, you will be greeted by a warm, friendly staff. One of the instructors will give you a tour of the studio, and will take you through a short lesson on proper ginga stance. You will then try a Beginner Class. You will be paired with student leaders who will take time to show you how to warm up before class. And then you will get to experience a beginner class, full of brand new students just like you!

Making Friends

Along the way, you will make friends with students who are working on building good habits and developing a strong character. Your instructors will take special interest in your skill development as well as your personal goal-setting! Your journey to being a martial artist will be alongside other students with similar goals, and the camaraderie you will experience will be the support you need to reach those goals!

Celebrating Milestones

We will be there along the way to celebrate every milestone. We cheer on students that turn in Good Habit sheets. We applaud students who master a kick or learn how to do a perfect push up. Belt Promotion Ceremonies are very special events where friends and extended family are invited to come see you earn special awards and to celebrate your great accomplishments.

Special Events

We always have something planned for our students! And YOU will always be invited to attend! Skill Workshops are designed to challenge students to reach higher levels of learning. And they are designed to teach an underlying lesson such as Leadership or Self-Discipline or having a Winning Attitude. Kick or Treat and Bully Proof Seminar are great events for bringing friends and having fun in the studio! Our annual holiday party is our favorite time to hang out with other Capoeira Maculele families and share special family meal favorites. So, along with your regular training, you will also be invited to lots of fun extra-curricular events!

Mark your Calendar:
Monday, October 25: Kids & Teens Bully Proof Seminar
Thursday, October 28: Kick or Treat Halloween Party