Mestra Sara

Sara Janneni also known as Mestra Soberana

Mestra Sara, originally from Londrina, Brazil, is Capoeira Maculelê Vice President and artistic director, overseeing and directing all events, social projects, performances, classes in Decatur, GA and Londrina, Parana Brazil. Mestra Sara is the first female student of Mestre Fran to be awarded the rank “Mestra”, a title shared with some of the world’s top practitioners. Because capoeira was a male-dominated art form for more than 300 years, Mestra Sara’s achievements have cleared the path for other women to excel. Sara Janneni is also nurse with years of experience. 

Mestra Sara began studying Capoeira in 1986 under the world-renowned Mestre Fran. She began to conduct classes for youth, and adults in Londrina. In 1991, Mestra Sara founded the Cultural Association of Capoeira Maculele with Mestre Fran. After an invitation from Georgia State University Mestra Sara, Mestre Fran and her daughter, Professora Dandhara moved to Atlanta in 2002 and began teaching Capoeira and Brazilian dances at Georgia State University, Emory University, Decatur and all over the world. 

Her outstanding achievements make her a highly teacher, an inspirational leader, and an important role model. Mestra Sara maintains international recognition for her accomplishiments in the field and teaches regularly in Atlanta, Brazil, Europe and Colombia. On Saturday, October 27th, 2018 Mestra Sara received a recognition by the City of Decatur Mayor ‘Mestra Sara Day’ for her contributions to the City of Decatur community but also around the world. 

She’s valued as an innovative choreographer; a sought-after teacher; a teacher and mentor for Maculelê North American artists; a role model for Brazilian, immigrant, women and girls and a bridge-builder in our community.

Sara’s leads women and men to unprecedented levels of success in the art, and her work promotes the increasing presence and impact of women in the art.

We are a family of Capoeiristas! Father, Mother and Daughter. From the moment you enter our school, you will feel and sense the utmost positive energy and family oriented atmosphere. Our family will do everything possible to provide the most fun and exciting ways to learn Capoeira!