Private classes

Personalized training that meets your needs! We offers private classes for anyone who wants to improve their skills and get personalized feedback and instruction that is focused on their personal advancement. We are currently offering private classes for Kids and Adults!

Developing confidence for group instruction or for your personal goal. During a private class, our instructors are completely focused on improving your skills and will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you understand them. He will help you maximize your proficiency based on your ability.

Take your capoeira training to the next level with one-on-one training. In a private class, Mestre Fran is your training partner for each technique, and he can provide instant feedback on every detail to help you master the techniques quicker and with greater skill and precision.

Tailored specifically to your needs and fitness goals. Private classes will enable Mestre Fran to assess your ability and create a plan that is centered around your personal development. It also offers you the flexibility to train around your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Capoeira Maculele Decatur offers private Capoeira for both kids and adults, Samba, Instruments, Portuguese & Acrobatics classes.Questions or to schedule a private session, contact us