Spring Graduation


Join Maculele-Capoeira on Saturday, May 20 as we celebrate another year of our student’s training accomplishments. This multi-generational event provides an unparalleled opportunity for Capoeira Decatur community to gather with guest mestres, capoeiristas from Brazil and North America for intensive learning through workshops, lectures, performances, and belt ceremony.

The event kicks off with lots of workshops and rodas led by special guests with over 35 years of experience teaching capoeira. Our special guests will lead workshops for children as well as teens and adults from Wednesday, May 17 through Saturday, May 20, 2023.


On behalf of our local Georgia non-profit World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation, we express our gratitude for your committed presence to our annual spring graduation ceremony which we are hosting in Atlanta, GA and Downtown Decatur. We have all been working diligently to coordinate the event to make it the most unique Atlanta has ever seen! The presence of our special guests is essential at this ceremony due to their experience and duty in certifying the students that will graduate at this event. By the nature of capoeira, without your presence we could not realize this special ceremony. We would like to thank every single special guest for your time and efforts in helping us at the spring ceremony event.

Edson Rocha da Silva (Mestre Padeiro) from Londrina, Brazil
José Carlos Mascagni (Mestre Gibbi) from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Abraao de Deus Texeira (Mestre Chocolate) Londrina, Brazil
Sergio Henrique Cervejeira (Mestre Sangue B) from Londrina, Brazil
Jefferson Batista Ramos (CM Milico) from Jaragua do Sul, Brazil
Carlos Rufino de Carvalho (Mestre Pardal) from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Marcelo Aparecido Alves Bispo (Mestre Baba) from Francisco Beltrao, Brazil


On Saturday, May 20 the event will culminate with the graduation ceremony and cultural performance showcasing mestres and our students. The event will kick off with special performances featuring our leading guest artists! The Batizado is Capoeira’s most significant tradition, welcomes new students into the art and recognizes the growth of new and continuing students through a changing of cords ceremony. We invite you and your family to join us for this free, family friendly community celebration!

Why is it so important? The Graduation ceremony it is a meaningful event in the life of both student and teacher as they each reflect on the commitment they have made to the art of capoeira. Whether the student receives a new cord / moves up in rank, the Batizado is a special event for the time you’ve dedicated to capoeira. This time serves as a great cultural exchange as students take part in these workshops.

Located in the heart of downtown Decatur, convenient to MARTA, the Performing Arts Center (PAC) is at 310 N. McDonough Street, Decatur, GA 30030. The state of the art Center houses our 505-seat theater.



Capoeira Decatur students & parents please register with Ms. Dani during class