Stop punishing yourself (It Happens)

Dear parents,

You work hard to ensure that your children’s learning experiences are positive and that they are successful. Unfortunately, from time to time, we may get a phone call from our child’s school indicating that our child isn’t doing as well as expected. These kinds of communications can be saddening, frustrating and disappointing. Truth is though, many children become distracted or experience something that can directly affect their academic performance. Before speaking with your child about the matter, here are a few things to consider.

Take a step back: If you are angry, be sure to spend some time reflecting on the situation. If you are angry, try to calm down before speaking with your child, because let’s face it, an angry parent can be terrifying.

Listen to your child’s side of the story: Hear him/her out – have your child explain to you what they think went wrong, and where they fell short.

Plan of Action: Work with your child to create a plan that can effectively improve their grades. Where possible, get input for your child’s teacher. Ensure the child that however difficult something might seem, he/she will always have your support.

Capoeira creates a direct path to academic performance. It improves concentration and attention, and encourages children to try their best, despite the obstacles they may face.


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