Junior Leadership Program

We have the ultimate way for your teenager to build confidence, self-esteem, develop self-discipline, self-control, and athletic skills, while having lots of fun through martial arts! Our goal for your teen is to become a capoeirista along with their High School Diploma! Being a capoeirista, or even a martial art Instructor, looks great on your college application! Both parents and students report to us that the discipline and confidence they learn in our center helps them do better in school and increases their chances on receiving scholarships. Your teenager could be one of them!

As part of the Capoeira Decatur Junior Leadership Program, the Junior Leadership Training Class focuses teaching students leadership skills in capoeira applicable in life. The program offers students additional responsibility in class and teaches them to be positive role models in Capoeira and at school. Students learn behaviors that exemplify positive leadership and develop confidence and public speaking skills. Students learn to set an example for others in class, help mentor junior-ranked students, and to take on a variety of leadership roles at the capoeira academy.

Additionally, they learn advanced materials. Program intended for ages 9+.

If this sounds like a good match for your child, call us today at (404)578-7386