Your Child Will Do Better in School with Capoeira

Hey parents,

Did you know that capoeira training benefits kids by helping them improve fitness and focus, develop patience and self-control, and have fun with their friends.

If your son or daughter is looking to stay focused while having fun, they should try our capoeira classes. They are FUN and your child will learn a lot!

Our instructors will teach them discipline, confidence, and focus, while also working out their bodies at the same time. Not only that, but it gives them a reason to go put down the iPads and get active!

When it comes to developing discipline, focus and self-confidence, nothing beats martial arts training. At Capoeira Decatur our highly trained instructors teach a variety of fun martial arts drills we are sure your child will enjoy!

Your kiddo will be learning capoeira without realizing they are actually learning!

Our classes are designed to give your child a fun, safe environment to learn not only self defense skills but also high levels of CONFIDENCE. Additionally, your child will develop coordination, strength and confidence while learning the moves of Capoeira.

Children who participate in martial arts often become healthier, more focused and learn to control their impulses. This can lead to improved behavior and increased self-esteem as well.

You love to see your child happy, healthy and energized. But can they focus on more than one thing at a time? Would they like to learn bully defense? How about learning respect and courtesy? If yes, then perhaps it’s time to enroll them in our Kids Capoeira classes!